Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

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Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

As a new pet owner, I realized that my animal had a long way to go before she could be considered "trained." In addition to not listening to a single word that I said, she also seemed to completely go out of her way to destroy things around the house, which is why I started thinking about professional pet training. I was able to find a great business near me that specialized in making things right, and so I signed her up. Within a few treatments, she really seemed to be responding, and I was really impressed with the difference it made. Learn more about pet training on this blog.


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2 Reasons To Consider A Trained Protection Dog

A trained protection dog can be a fantastic addition to just about any household because it can be both a fun addition to the family and a deterrent against anyone attempting to break into your home or harm your family. Listed below are just two of the many reasons to consider a trained protection dog: Training A Puppy On Your Own Can Be Very Difficult A huge reason to consider buying a trained protection dog is that training a puppy to take on that role on your own can be exceedingly difficult, mostly because training a dog to protect your family is vastly different than training a puppy to behave as a pet. Read More 

Three Ways To Keep Mail Carriers Safe From Overprotective Dogs

The idea of being attacked by a dog during a typical work day may seem unusual but to some, it is a common concern. All service workers that visit residential homes have to be prepared for this type of event. Most at risk, because of the frequency of their visits, are postal carriers. Even the sweetest dog can become a threat if it becomes too protective of its people and its property. Read More 

4 Tips To Help Get Your Pup’s Digging Under Control

Puppies can be incredibly loving creatures, and they're so cute – until they start digging up your backyard, carpet or sofa. There are certain breeds of dogs, such as terriers, that have a burrowing nature and can't help but have the need to dig, so they need an outlet or they will just dig wherever they can when they get bored. Luckily, there are some ways that you can stop puppies from digging so that they don't tear up everything that you hold dear. Read More 

Combat Veteran & Think You Have PTSD? Here’s What Can Help

If you are a veteran and have vivid dreams of being in theater that are terrifying, you may have PTSD. In fact, out of all veterans who receive compensation benefits from the VA, 22% of them are from service-connected PTSD. If you've been in a wartime theater of operations and are struggling with daily life, here is some important information you should know.  Finding a Mental Health Provider There are VA medical centers located throughout the United States. Read More 

3 Tips For Boarding Your Dog For Summer Vacation

When you make your plans for your summer vacation, make sure that you include plans for your dog as well. Here are a few tips that will help you out with making boarding plans for your dog. #1 Schedule In Advance Keep in mind that plenty of people have the same idea as you right now, and are planning vacations and making plans to board their dogs. Summer is a busy time for dog kennels, so if you want to ensure that your dog has a place to go while you are on vacation, then you are going to want to call the kennel and reserve a spot for your dog as far in advance as possible. Read More