Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

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Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

As a new pet owner, I realized that my animal had a long way to go before she could be considered "trained." In addition to not listening to a single word that I said, she also seemed to completely go out of her way to destroy things around the house, which is why I started thinking about professional pet training. I was able to find a great business near me that specialized in making things right, and so I signed her up. Within a few treatments, she really seemed to be responding, and I was really impressed with the difference it made. Learn more about pet training on this blog.


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5 Common Misconceptions About Dog Training

Whether you got one from a breeder or adopted one, getting a new dog can be very exciting. Dogs are loving animals who make a great addition to any family. However, if you want your furry family member to behave well, training may be necessary. 

Here are a few common misconceptions about dog training that you should know about.

Your Dog Will Only Respond to Treats

It is true that dogs are given treats as rewards at the beginning of their training. However, if you put your dog in professional training classes, they will eventually move from treats and offer other rewards, such as petting and praise.

You Can Train Your Dog By Watching YouTube Videos

There is certainly a plethora of information about dog training on YouTube and other websites. However, it is no substitute for professional dog training. Not all dogs learn the same way. That's why it is worth it to invest in professional dog training classes. Skilled instructors will know how to properly train your dog.

If Your Dog Has an Accident in Your Home, Rub Its Nose in the Mess

It can definitely be frustrating when your dog has an accident in the home. Some pet owners make the mistake of rubbing their dogs' noses in the mess. This actually is not helpful. A lot of dogs have already forgotten what they did. Rubbing your dog's nose in the mess may also scare it.

Your Dog Misbehaved Out of Spite

If your dog got into the garbage or chewed up your shoes while you were away for hours, you might think that your dog was trying to get back at you. However, it is important to understand that your dog simply does not have the cognitive ability to do this.

Older Dogs Can't Be Trained

This is one of the most common misconceptions about dog draining. Although it is certainly easier to train a puppy, older dogs can be trained too in time. They will just need a different training approach. If you take your dog to a professional dog trainer, they can help you train it. Keep in mind that it may take a little more time to train an older dog.

As you can see, there are a lot of different misconceptions about dog training. If you recently added a dog to your family, you should think about contacting a dog training company as soon as possible.