Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

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Focusing On Improving My Pet's Behavior

As a new pet owner, I realized that my animal had a long way to go before she could be considered "trained." In addition to not listening to a single word that I said, she also seemed to completely go out of her way to destroy things around the house, which is why I started thinking about professional pet training. I was able to find a great business near me that specialized in making things right, and so I signed her up. Within a few treatments, she really seemed to be responding, and I was really impressed with the difference it made. Learn more about pet training on this blog.


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4 Reasons To Invest In Dog Training For Your Large Breed Puppy

Large dog breeds can make great companions, guard animals, and overall family pets. The sheer size of these dogs can also make them intimidating to some, and having access to dog training can be very beneficial.

Whether your puppy is not fully potty trained or is nearing adulthood, any age is ideal for having them trained. Have all pet training done at a licensed facility with a professional dog trainer, particularly one who specializes in larger dogs.

Here are four reasons to invest in dog training for your large breed puppy:

Your puppy will soon be a grown dog

While your large breed puppy is cute and manageable now, it won't be long before your pup is a full-grown dog. Left without proper dog training, your puppy can become a hard-to-manage adult dog. One of the primary reasons for dog re-homing is the inability to control a dog's behavior, so take care of your dog now with proper training techniques.

Your puppy will soon be a liability

If your larger dog jumps on someone or is allowed to be destructive, your dog can cause more damage to people and property than smaller dog breeds might. Your puppy may soon be a liability, which can become less of a concern if you have dog training where your pup learns basic commands like sit, stay, and leave it.

Your puppy will soon thrive

Dogs are pack animals that like to have a job or know their place. While it may seem like dog training is tedious and boring to you, your puppy actually thrives when they have discipline and learn positive communication.

For a large breed puppy in particular, whose actions can be more detrimental and therefore more critiqued, dog training can be especially beneficial. Speak to a dog training specialist to see how much this service costs in your area and how many classes your puppy should take.

Your puppy will soon need socializing

Any puppy needs healthy socializing, but a larger pup in particular may be intimidating to people and other dogs. This means they need more access to healthy training, including leash and obedience training, to help them be better socialized pets.

The sooner you put your large breed puppy in a dog training program, the better the outcome will be. You will learn how to handle and care for your growing dog, and your puppy will learn obedience and many ways to thrive.

Reach out to a dog training facility in your area for more information.